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G’day Y’all!

I’m so excited to be officially welcoming you to my somewhat crazy #J9VIBES blog! Yee ha! This is where you will learn about my unique experiences within what is most definitely a crazy entertainment business. I promise to share with you the I Love Lucy-like adventures that seem to be a part of my daily life, just as fast as I can type them. And I also promise to educate you as to why in the world I have coined the made up hashtags #J9Vibes and #Ausanadian (stay up to date with my blog and you’ll learn more). I mean, how cool is it to be part of the #bloggers world now, right?!

But first – some exciting news to share! There’s a big event this week in #MusicCity #Nashville #Tennessee, known to us as #CMAFEST2017. And for those of you who have been following my shows lately, you’ll know that I’m usually playing with my 4-6 piece action-packed band, so this week is even more exciting to me, because it’s gonna be a lil’ bit different. You’ll be able to catch me down at THE STILLERY, in the heart of downtown #CountryMusicFan rush, where I’ll be going solo! That’s right, just me and my #guitar — That Damn Ol’ Guitar (oooo perhaps I’m giving you a teaser of the show?) — And I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be debuting some new songs, so you’ll get a front row sneak peak to what we’re in the middle of cooking up in the studioJ And I promise to sing some of your past J9 fav’s too, including #Bulletproof.

So pop open your calendars, because I’m scheduled to hit the stage at 5:40PM this upcoming Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I would love to have you there! And even better, if you’re able to get down there early, from 2pm on wards, you’ll catch me co-hosting the entire show alongside the ever-loved Kaptain Jack of #RenegadeRadio.

Well thanks for joining me in my first official #J9VIBES blog and let’s get started to kickin’ off an incredible CMA FEST 2017! Here’s to a safe, happy, fun, soulful, and truly country week!

Hope you enjoy this lil' acoustic montage below - this is J9 'going solo' lol :) Oh and remember, my comments section is always open, and I love hearing from you there. But most importantly, don’t forget to ‘SMILE, because it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!’